Let's Talk Farming

Let’s Talk Farming/ With what I said yesterday, I also want to make it clear that each type of production is important for agriculture. We need the multi-generational farms and ranches. The large corporations. Organic crops and dairies. Hobby farms. Local farmer’s markets.


In 2008, a survey read that agriculture is LESS THAN 2% of the United States population. We need to be grateful to each sector of the industry because that is a lot of food to produce each year to feed the other 98%.

There are foods that are grown on our family farm that I’m allergic to: hazelnuts, corn, wheat. I can’t have cow’s milk yogurt, but I can have goat’s milk yogurt. As one person in the entire population, I count on the different sectors of agriculture in order to nourish my body. 

Do you pay attention to all the different ways your food is grown? And have you talked to a farmer or rancher about what you’ve read on the internet? We want to talk to you!

Laney Brentano