These Girls

there is something poetic about community. the people who love you at your best, and choose to like you at your worst. miles, time zones, stages of life- those end up not mattering as much. months can pass, and those people are still your people. i have a beautiful family, full of support, encouraging words, and the same hair style. i grew up in a small town that was a support team who would- and will- rally behind you. i moved away and found roommates who are beyond what you can ask for in the people you live with while you are all in your in-between stage. and then there is the group of gals that i have collected over the years. 

i’ve been thinking a lot about those girls lately. the house i’ve been in for the last 7 months, just sold. my belongings are finding themselves wrapped poorly in newspaper, and placed into boxes that are probably mislabeled. this next house will be my sixth address in three years. 

that group of girls are all different, and have been with me at different stages in my life. i often find myself feeling selfish that i moved away from their zipcodes, and it has been a learning process to figure out how to love each other through all these changes. the in-between isn’t so in-between for most of them anymore.

they are wives, mothers, homemakers, leaders in the workplace, world travelers, dreamers and searchers. they are brave. they are fierce. they are strong women. but most of all, they are lovers. lovers of all things God. 

which means they are lovers of all things me, because I am of Him. 

i don’t pray very often anymore. the idea of asking for help, or answers, chills my bones. these women are constantly, quietly asking me if i’ve spoken to Him yet. 

these women love me when i tell them i’ll be sending them a change of address once again. they don’t fret with how their planners start to look after they’ve scribbled out a street that is listed under my name. 

they love me when i say i’m scared. and that rejection feels all too normal so why should i desire to chase anything that looks like success. 

they love me when i say i don't know to trust a man who is pursuing me in a relationship, and will they please teach me how. 

they love me when i’m superficial. they love me when i’m simple. 

they love me in the depths of my depression and anxiety, and do their best to understand the poetic garble that falls out of me.

they love me when i say here is too far from there. they point out how far here really is from there, not in miles, but in all that i’ve accomplished. 

these woman are strong women. living each day of their life, full and busy and content, and still yet, these women take time to always make sure they have my address right.

Laney BrentanoComment