pass the aux

I should be embarrassed of my taste in music- but I’m absolutely not. I love the music that makes you swing your hips. I love the music that finds you on the floor in tears. I love to listen to the songs that make you fall in love even more with the person next to you. I love the songs that you try to rap every word to. I love those old cowboy songs where you can almost hear the rowels hitting on an old hardwood floor.

The song I’ve had on repeat the last few weeks is Enemy by Muscadine Bloodline. Something about this song has just really kicked my butt. It made me realize that I have just as many hours in the day as everyone else, so why I am not choosing to get up, get after it, and be better. It also reminded me to love more, be more present, show up. I think at the end of things, we always wish we’d been more. Put this song on repeat and let it sink in.


Here’s a glimpse into what I’ve had on repeat in 2018. These songs sound much better when playing through the speakers of a tractor.

Laney Brentano