Daddies and Daughters


I spent the last year learning agriculture from my dad- and i can’t think of anything more rewarding than that.

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Sometimes I tripped over squash vines and fell face forward. Sometimes I threw rain gear on, ran all the way in to check the time clock and sprinted back soaked when I could have just eyeballed it from the pickup. Sometimes I ran over risers. Sometimes I plugged the combine header. sometimes i ended up covered in more grease than the fitting got. sometimes (most of the time) (okay, all the time) cuss words fell out of my mouth.

Most of all, I learned. Every single day.

While my dad has surely taught me a lot about farming and certain trades this last year, he also teaches me how to be a good person. My dad is someone whose core values never waver. He has the most consistent character of anyone I’ve ever met- and I’m not just saying that cause I’m a daddy’s girl.

So, thanks, dad, for always being willing to teach, no matter how scary it might be to sometimes hand over a wrench or let me behind the wheel. It’s been the best year.


Here’s what learning from dad looks like in 2019 so far

Laney Brentano